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Delivery Policy

NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee is a feature to protect users by holding the payment to vendors (seller) until the buyer confirms receipt of the order. Once buyer accepts the order by clicking on "Confirm Received" (or once NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee period ends),the payment will then be released to vendors. NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee will ensure that buyer had paid upfront in full amount for the product(s) purchased before ship the product(s). After that, NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD will need to ship it out within the Days To Ship set in product listings to avoid the order from being cancelled automatically. When NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD shipped out the product(s), buyer will concurrently receive a notification informing them about the tracking number used.

Once the product is being delivered, then buyer will be given *3 days to check the product and request for refund if the product received is not in a satisfactory condition (e.g. damaged, faulty, incomplete, wrong product). Should there be no refund requested for that order, then it will be completed automatically through the expiry of NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee period and release the payment to you.

NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee Period is calculated based on seller's Days To Ship and Estimated Delivery Time.

For example:
Order was paid on April 1st 2020
Days to Ship = 2 Days
*Estimated Delivery Time = 4 Days
Buyer Confirmation Time = 3 Days
NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee Period: 2 (Days to Ship) + 4 (Estimated Delivery Time) + 3 (Buyer Confirmation Time) = 9 days

As for your buyers, they will be able to view their order's NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee Period in the NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD app through the Order Detail Page which is accessible via "Me" > "To Receive" > Click on the order.
Buyer can request for one time extension of NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee period for 3 extra days if they have not receive their product(s) when it is near the expiry of NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee period. However, do note that if buyer received the product(s) in an unsatisfactory condition (e.g. damaged, faulty, incomplete, wrong product), they should request for return and/or refund instead before NUKO MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD Guarantee period ends




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